Saturday, April 16, 2011


There are 3 coffee roasters that I am a huge fan of and I consider myself something of a coffee snob. Coffee is not only something I drink everyday but something I definitely think should be in the pantry for all kinds of cooking. It brings out the flavor of chocolate, deepens the flavors of chili and stews and is the perfect primal cooking substitute for Worcestershire. The brand of coffee I use only matters because I am drinking it and don't like the cheap stuff. If you are not drinking it and just cooking with it, you can use whatever kind you want. Brew up a pot, put it in a bottle with a stopper and save it for cooking in the fridge. I am particular to the espresso blends because I would rather brew espresso and judge my coffee from these. On a side note, for those of you who have never been a barista, you can brew the same beans for coffee, espresso, Turkish coffee, toddy, etc... The only difference is how the bean is ground and the coffee is extracted.

My favorite Colorado brand is the NOVO espresso blend.

My favorite California brand comes from a roaster whom I worked with, KEAN.

Of course, if you ever get to Portland you will be referred to Stumptown Roasters. It is well worth the hype. You can order their espresso blend online, called Hairbender. You can even sign up for a monthly subscription to their beans.


  1. Doesn't The Crown have Kean now? I need some new coffee...

  2. Stumptown moved a few blocks from me a few years ago and roasts for a bunch of the restaurants in the neighborhood. Good stuff.

  3. @Dave
    You can get a subscription where they send you a pound a month... and it only costs the same as if you were to buy in the store. Definitely something I would love if I had extra cash.

  4. @Kathryn
    No, they do not have Kean beans anymore, but you can order them online... or I may pick some up in California. Go to that Kula Cafe and grab a couple bags of NOVO. I will buy one from you.